Due to frequent additions and modifications as well as to the fact that the gedcom used does not translate the notes (which I have often completed with additional information, especially in the case of children-in-law) automatically, the English version is not as up-to-date and consequently not as reliable as the Dutch version.

In the early years of my research I took it for granted that we talk about one family with Albert Jans from Grafhorst as ancestor. During 2009 I have come to the conclusion that (most probably) it is a matter of two different families, viz. one from Grafhorst, with the beforementioned Albert Jans as (temporary) ancestor, and one from Mastenbroek, with Jannes Jansen as (temporary) ancestor. I am a descendant of Albert Jacobs.
Most of the Vaanderings that nowadays live in Canada or the USA are as well descendants of Albert Jans, only a few are descended from Jannes Jansen.

In the past too first names have been pronounced and/or written alternately. These days this happens for the most consciously (Moniek versus Monique or Tomas versus Thomas), but in the past one did not worry about the spelling - leaving aside the question of whether people could read and write - and one spelled one's name as one pleased. In this one was not always consistent. In the notation system in the charts I have deliberately ignored the variation in first names. On the one hand because for one single person in various acts or certificates alternative spelling has been found, on the other hand because others often use exclusively (and logically) the first found first name. Starting point is using the first name as used in the birth certificate.
Below you will find a non-comprehensive list of the variation in first names that I did not implement:

  • Anna - Annigje - Annegje
  • Berendina - Berendje
  • Dirk - Derk
  • Christina - Stina
  • Eibert - Eijbert - Egbert
  • Elisabeth - Lisebeth - Lisa
  • Fennigje - Femmigje(n) - Femmetje
  • Gerret - Gerrit - Geurt
  • Gerrigje(n)- Gerritje - Grietje
  • Harm(en) - Herm(en)
  • Hilligje - Hillegien
  • Jacobje - Jakobje - Jakopje
  • Jannigje - Jannegje - Jennigje - Jennegje - Jantje - Jannetje - Jentje - Jannegien - Johanna - Janna
  • Lambert -Lammert
  • Lubbigje -Liebigje(n) - Libije
  • Mannes - Mannus
  • Margje - Marrigje(n) - Merrigje(n) - Marchien - Marrechien
  • Mathilde - Mathilda
  • Trijntje(n) - Trientje(n)
  • Vrerik - Frederik